Being dyslexic is kind of like everyone is in on a joke you dont get.

---Timothy Kress in 2002, age 12.



Dyslexia Corrector Testimonials


From Exit Interviews, answers to What changes have you noticed about yourself in the last week?


"My handwriting, my balance, my hand-eye coordination, hearing, pretty much everything are good---changed to really, really, really good---fifteen exclamation points!"---8-year-old E. C. (male) (Nancy note: we worked a couple of hours on punctuation, so the exclamation points comment shows E----s endearing sense of humor.)


"I can read a little bit better. Its getting easier to do math, I have no idea why. Im getting a little bit better at playing catch, and thats the truth."---8-year-old S.H. (male)


"Im more aware of my Gift, and I understand better how I learn. I feel more confident and comfortable in how Im going to go forward."---41-year-old Anonymous Please (Male)


"My hand doesnt hurt any more with the handwriting. I am oriented, I know how to do the dial. I learned how to read better. I can do things I couldnt do before: write with my hand and arm not hurting and I just dont skip that many words now."---8-year-old M.T. (female)


"I can hear better, mostly. I know what Im doing and I listen better. I can balance better. I can catch better. I can make stuff better."---10-year-old B.B. (male)


"Im more confident in what Im doing and Im reading a lot better and Im concentrating better and I know that what Im doing is how to do it right."---11-year-old M.T. (male)


I was able to dial down and go to sleep the other night.  Im able to focus more on the book Im reading.  I did release in traffic the other day and calmed down.---20-year-old B.D. (female) who did a program for ADD


Im reading better.  Ive learned to do cursive.  Youve made me use my imagination that was locked down in the basement.---15-year-old J-P. L.  (male)


My homeworks been getting done.  My attitude---I dont get all grumpy.  I havent been getting in trouble.  Ive been understanding things better.---11-year old A.H. , ( male) who completed a program for ADHD.


Im improving on reading.  I can concentrate better.  I can control what I feel like and control if Im hyper.  I can understand stuff better.---13-year-old C.M. (female)


I get along with my friends because I can dial up or down to them.  I can do release now to get the stress and tension off me.  I can put the imaginary hands on my shoulders so I can get balanced.---12-year-old R.T. (male) who completed a program for ADD


I fall asleep quicker.  Ive been wanting to read more.  Ive been hearing things better.  I feel better about myself.  I feel more confident---like at the rock gym I felt like I wanted to get to the top.---10-year-old J.G. (male)


I can pick out when Im disoriented, when I misspell words, when I need to read things over with dial and release and on point . . .(listing the Davis tools)---19-year-old J.M. (female)


I feel more confident.  I feel glad that Ive gone through this.  Im glad theres somebody that knows how to do this (facilitate a Davis Program) for me.---10-year-old J.T. (male) who came to Dyslexia Corrector in order to pass fourth grade so he wouldnt have to repeat, and his father called after the last day of school to let me know J.T. had been promoted to fifth grade and made HONOR ROLL!


I know how to dial my energy and attention, how to put my minds eye on a point and grasp the item, the product, the word Im working on---less confusion, less disorientation, more control of my body.  Its opened a major door by having the right tools.  Readings not a struggle any more---its not work.---43-year-old R. W. (male)


My handwriting has improved.  Before I started this Ive been writing a lot sloppy.  Now I write neat.  Ive been having less headaches and my reading has improved a lot.---9-year-old V.K. (female)


My balance has changed a lot and its better for me.  I understand the punctuation better.  My readings gotten a little better . . .I know alphabetical order now a lot better.---14-year-old E.L. (male)


At work, if Im on the computer reading off, Im more focused and I say the right thing.  It seems easier for me and I dont have to keep going over the same thing.  I do release if Im stressed---I can relax and be ready to do what I need to do.---29-year-old M.A. (female)


Im not as confused.  I stay more in tune with whats going on around me instead of going off into my own little world.---55-year-old R.E. (male)


I (can) write a lot better, I understand instructions better, I can read and understand better, and I can do word attack so I dont just stare at my trouble words . . .---12-year-old J.R. (male)


I think I have been able to read more comprehensive and reading is more fun than it used to be.  I think I can comprehend more when people talk to me.---15-year-old C.E. (male)


Ive been getting to read a lot better.  Im usually used to making a lot of mistakes and now Im not.---8-year-old A.M. (male)


I would say Ive become more confident . . .---16-year-old M.B. (male)


A lot of things---Im reading better.  I dont make so many mistakes.  I now understand why I make mistakes and can get myself back on track.  I can listen (understand oral instructions) to anything.  I know how to spell some new words.---10-year-old A. S. (male)


Im sleeping better.12-year-old D.G. (male)


Im more confident of myself, Im doing better in language, I have better balance and I know I can (do what I want to do).---10-year-old A.J. (male)


Im more confident about reading and spelling.  I know I can align myself to help me read better.---29-year-old B. L. (male)


 I think Im reading a whole lot better than I did before.  I feel happy that I can read now and do all this stuff.---8-year-old D.P. (Male)


Ive been starting to get really good at spelling and stuff. . .and plurals and writing and reading . . .---8-year-old K.M. (male)


I can read books without getting disoriented---a lot better.  I dont skip lines and keep going back on the same line.---11-year-old D.R. (male)


I feel more confident in myself.---53-year-old D.W. (male)


I can catch triggers when Im reading and go back and correct the mistake I made.  I can comprehend what Im reading better; I read slowly and read every letter in the word Im reading.  I know how to reorient myself, for sure.---22-year-old T.S. (male)


I look at words different---I see every word now.---19-year-old M.M. (female)


I think Im more at ease reading out loud.  Im not nervous to make a mistake.  Im hoping its going to help my comprehension when I go back to school.  I think Ill be able to help my son, also.---40-year-old S.D. (male)


I get a little more out of the reading and make a picture as I go more readily.  If I dont know the meaning of a word or a math symbol, I can do Symbol Mastery in the clay and get better understanding of that word.---16-year-old B.D. (male)


 Ive been reading a lot more things and Im a lot more aware of signs and things that are written.---51-year-old R.S. (male)


I have a more accurate idea of time.  Im learning to control my disorientation.  Im learning to comprehend what Im reading.---36-year old L.B. (female)




From emails, cards, letters, phone calls:


C----- is not the same person since that first week of tutoring. It's as if 90% of the issues I had with him all of his life have just disappeared. He understands himself, he has a confidence in who he is and what a joy to have Ed and I understand who he is and to be able to recognize his talents and promote them while encouraging him and helping him with any struggles he has when writing a paper, etc. I thank God for you Nancy! The Lord definitely used you to answer our prayers for our precious son!email from mother of 17-year old (male)C-----


"I wanted to call you and let you know on my report card today I got on HONOR ROLL. I made four As, 3 Bs and a C."---11-year old A.H., (male) who completed a program for ADHD.


---email from S--'S' (8-year-old male) GRANDMOTHER, P--


Hi Nancy,
It seems that S-- did very well with work you did . . .

He seemed to like going and has enjoyed learning with his new tools.
Tuesday's J-- works at the school as the music educator. She
called me about noontime and asked if I knew what my son had
done now. Of course my mind said "What, another fight and a trip
to the principals office?" Instead I answered with a rather
disappointed "What". He is sitting and writing in the hallway.
When J-- asked him what he was doing. He replied, " I'm writing a
story mom. It is more fun than playing on the play ground".
Well you could have knocked either of us over with a feather.
This is not the S-- that left to see you in Phoenix. He is
really excited about his learning and ability to read and write
now. He even sings more . . .
J--- and I are overjoyed with the progress that S-- made in
Arizona, and continues to show signs of at home.
I love what you have done for S--.
---email from Father of 8-year-old male, S--, who traveled from California for a Program with Dyslexia Corrector

Nancy, my teachers are helping me and answering my questions now!--- 11-year old A.H. , ( male) who completed a program for ADHD. 


What can I say but thank you?  The boy you gave me at the end of your week together was a totally different kid than I gave you at the beginning.  Thank you so much.---T.H., father of 11-year-old A------ (program for ADHD)


A------ hasnt taken any of his ADD/ADHD drugs since he first met with you for the assessment.  Our whole family is so much happier and A------- is doing so well.---A.H., mother of 11-year-old A------ (program for ADHD)


I decided to write this essay on the dyslexia person called Nancy . . .Im glad I spent time with her because its been a really fun week and I had a lot of fun.  I feel Im ready to go back to school and do what the teachers tell me to do.---8-year-old K. M.


Thank you for taking the time to work with me. . .I do look at reading in a new light and you have really helped me, so I want to say Thank You.

You are the most patient person I know. . .so thank you again.---19-year-old M.M.


. . . His reading has excelled incredibly. He re-read the Lord of the Rings trilogy recently and he was able to read through at about 3 times as fast as before because he was able to comprehend so much easier than before. Thank you!---L.E., mother of 16-year-old C-----


He knows when he should use the tools. He tells me that he does enjoy reading more now than he did before. He even said that he read the newspaper at his Dad's house.---K.M., mother of 9-year-old A-----


Nancy, we just finished a McCall Crabbs. (Reading test/exercise)  :-) Praise the Lord!!!! E--- received a 6.0. We did the first test out of Book C.  This was the first reading test we've done since you did one with E--- back in July. He jumped two grade levels. He is doing well with his commitment with the program and, later, You're wonderful, Nancy! Thanks!!! ---K.L., mother of  15-year-old E---


J----- seems so much more relaxed when we talk about having to practice his reading.  Thank you so much.  I have seen with my own eyes the transformation of a whining, crying its too hard-Im stupid to a I can do this attitude in just 2 weeks.  God bless you.---K.G., mother of 9-year-old J-----


I wanted to give you an update on D---- and the fourth grade. Both (Ds mother) and I couldn't be happier not only with D---- but the school district here in Ohio. D---- has completed the fourth grade and he's made the honor roll. In addition, he did well with his state proficiency tests. We had positive feedback throughout the year with all his teachers and not once did we experience the negative feelings as before.

I cant tell you what a relief this past school year has been for our family. We still have a hard time understanding how a kid can go from being labeled as a hold back to excelling. . .

While D---- and our family have many challenges ahead we find it appalling that any child could be so tortured by the educational system. We often wonder about the kids who dont have access to programs like yours and parents who look to these types of teachers for direction.

In closing, thank you. We still use many of the tools that you gave us and hope that you continue to be an advocate and educator for children like D----. D.P., father of 9-year old D----



From a homeschooling mother:

The improvement that V-----has made since she attended dyslexia training with you has been nothing short of a miracle!  I cannot put into words how much it has made a difference, not only in her schoolwork, but in my own patience and attitude toward doing school.  Before you assessed V----- and enrolled her for the training, school was more and more of a struggle every day.  My patience was wearing thin because I just couldnt understand what was wrong.  I felt defeated as a parent and as a teacher.  I felt that I was not doing her justice being her teacher.  All that has changed now and we are more adamant than ever that homeschooling is the only way for our family, we just needed some special tools for V-----.

I just want to take a few minutes to outline some of the many victories and changes that we have had since sending V----- through the Davis Dyslexia training program.  V----- no longer has to follow words on the page with her finger when reading.  Her reading speed has GREATLY increased.  Reading comprehension has been almost completely eliminated as a problem area.  V----- is no longer guessing at words or what a sentence is going to say as she reads.  Headaches are no longer a prominent problem.  Her frustration level with herself has greatly diminished.  She realizes that if she is struggling to read or write something that she, more than likely, is not on point.  She has experienced a great freedom in that fact that she can have control over these things.

We still have some very frustrating moments, but overall we have experienced a HUGE amount of successes since V-----s training.  Whereas before her training we were only experiencing a great amount of failure, not only in schoolwork but in our own attitudes and in our own feelings of defeat.  When we came to realize that V----- has a gift that just needed some special tools we experienced a great relief.  V----- has more confidence in herself and a whole different world is opening up to her.  She does not enjoy reading and writing, but she can accomplish the tasks set before her.  Her assignments used to feel like mountains to her and now they are more like anthills.

Thank you so much for your time and attention to V-----s needs.  I never thought that school would improve for V----- in the area of reading and writing.  We have been very pleasantly surprised.  Please feel free to give my phone number as a reference for anyone that might be interested in speaking with me about the Davis Dyslexia training program.  Our victories have been great and we thank God for bringing you into our lives.

****At a later date, after receiving email consultation to deal with a new challenge;  Thanks so much for your input, Nancy. You can't imagine how comforting it is for me to know that I have someone to give me counsel on how to deal with V-----, when needed. I am not dyslexic myself so I don't really "get" a lot of this, but she sure does! I had her do what you suggested today and she came back with an A+ paper!D.K., mother of 9-year old V-----



Comments Repeatedly Made to Nancy Kress, the Dyslexia Corrector, by people of many ages, both male and female:


You have changed my life.


Now I can do anything I want to do---I feel like I can take on the world and win.


I dont think I knew how it felt to be confident before you helped me.


This is like a miracle.  Now I dont think Im stupid or handicapped anymore.


Now I understand why Ive had so much trouble doing what my (boss, teacher, parents) wanted."


I never noticed so much writing everywhere.  I just read (a sign, caller I.D., an instruction poster) that I never even noticed before, but now that I can read I saw it and read it.


You cant imagine what driving is like when you are disoriented---I feel in control when Im oriented, and all the lost feeling is gone now that youve shown me how to orient.


I gave up my idea to become (President, a Teacher, a business owner, a fifth grader, a Zookeeper) but now I believe I can do it!


Ive always felt a little out of it but now I feel on top of it!


All those people who called me (dummy, fuzzy-brained, loser, stupid, lazy, . . .etc) will be surprised to see what I can do now!


 When you told me you could make this much change in a week, I didnt believe you, but now Im a believer!  I see the entire world differently.


Im so glad my (parents, grandparents, spouse) believed in me enough to invest in this program for me.  Its the best gift Ive ever gotten.


Ill never forget what you did for me this week. Home Page


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Nancy Kress, the Dyslexia Corrector


Gold Canyon, AZ USA