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Anyone who wants to take control and accomplish goals---a motivated person who knows something MUST change in order to change the results you are getting to the results you desire.


Read The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald Davis. (available by clicking here and included, free, one per family,with an assessment.)

Arrange an assessment appointment, where the Davis Dyslexia Correction Licensed facilitator will meet with you and determine if Davis Methods could be effective for you.  Determine your goals for a program, and you and the facilitator determine if you would like to spend a week working together and if your goals could be achieved by a Davis Program.  Email or call 480-544-5031 to set an appointment.

This appointment will last approximately ninety minutes to two hours and the fee of $75 would be applied to the program fee, if a program is completed.  

Program fees are according to seasonal demand, email or call 480-544-5031 for fee quotation.  A 10% discount will apply if paid in full before the program begins.  In some cases, partial scholarships are available, and payments may be arranged on the full price, if necessary. 


Dyslexia Corrector is located at 7330 S. Bennett Circle in Gold Canyon, AZ. 85118  (Click here for a map.)


As soon as you are ready to change all your dreams to possibilities!


Because it would be a shame for someone so capable and gifted and talented as you are to miss the pleasures and accomplishments of a full and satisfying life for want of a few "tools" that would make those goals possible.


Call 480-544-5031 now, or email and tell her when to call you to arrange the assessment appointment! 


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Nancy Kress, the Dyslexia Corrector


Gold Canyon, AZ USA