The Facilitator

Nancy Kress, Licensed DDAI Facilitator

Nancy Kress, The Dyslexia Corrector

  • Grew up in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Graduated Alhambra High School 1970
  • Graduate University of Arizona
  • BA in Journalism 1973
  • Married Don Kress 1973
  • Foster Parent 1981-84
  • Mother of three children
  • Active in School Community Councils 1984-92
  • Substitute Teacher 1984-86
  • Spalding Reading Tutor 1990-92
  • Home Educator 1992-present
  • Homeschooling Curriculum Advisor/Academic Reviewer 1993-94
  • Certified/Licensed Davis Dyslexia CorrectionÒ Facilitator 2001-now


Nancy Kress, the Dreamer, and dreams fulfilled:

  • Interviewed the Phoenix Suns Basketball Forward, Connie Hawkins, for her Alhambra High School newspaper, the Scimitar. She met and interviewed "The Hawk" after surmounting a number of roadblocks, and won an Arizona Sports Journalism award for the resulting story. She will always appreciate Al McCoy, the announcer for the Suns at the time, who made it possible for a high school journalist to interview the team’s new star.
  • Toured Europe: the first time she was able to see that dream come true was when she was seventeen years old and traveled with a student group to see Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and England. She is so glad the Foreign Study League, which arranged for the trip, needed some extra students and advertised in a magazine---and her parents saw the value of such a trip and financed it.
  • Earned Phoenix Press Box Association College Scholarship
  • Went through the Panama Canal (realized in 1987)
  • Climbed the Great Wall of China (realized in 1991) Consider that her dream of going to China was not even a possibility until after President Nixon began talks with China in the 1980s---but dreams aren’t hindered by politics or time!
  • Visited the Holy Land (realized in 1999.)
  • Each of the above trips has a different story of how it came about, and each is a testament to holding on to your dreams and watching for opportunities and waiting for unexpected blessings.
  • Traveled and performed with the The Continentals
  • Journalism degree from the University of Arizona: faced the obstacles of getting a four-year BA in Journalism in three years so she could leave the University when Don did---with a degree completed. She will always be grateful to the family of her friend, Diane Mark, who invited her to stay with them for a summer so she could take summer school courses and graduate on time.
  • Decorated her home and earned a silver Punch Bowl by selling Home Interiors and Gifts on the home party plan. Through much work and overcoming numerous frustrations and obstacles along the way, she saw that dream to completion and received her punch bowl, tray, and ladle on stage at national convention. She will always be grateful to her friend, Suzie Goldberg, who encouraged her and mentored her in the business and told her she could do it when it seemed impossible.
  • Serve as Foster Parent: Nancy and Don dreamed of helping children whose parents couldn’t raise them, and they became foster parents. They didn’t want to make their home an institution, so they were "fortunate" to find House of Samuel, a private foster organization that licensed them for private foster care. Once again, a dream was realized through others’ aid or facilitating.
  • Became Regional Sales Leader for Tiara Exclusives Gifts in Glass: recruited, trained, and made her own sales to the point she saw her dream come true. There are too many people to thank for their teamwork and encouragement, and implementation of a plan in which promotion depends on performance, but their participation made her dream possible.
  • Active in Excellence in Education: Nancy searched until she found the (just forming) Alhambra Traditional School, a charter-type public school with phonics education and high academic standards. Nancy served on Parent Involvement Committee, School Community Council, Library Curriculum Committee, Mathematics Curriculum Committee, and various textbook and curriculum committees. She wrote curriculum. She attended district meetings. She went to numerous training sessions for Spalding Phonics and volunteered as Spalding tutor for before-school student help. She thanks the parents who fought for school choice and the Traditional Schools.
  • Home educate their children: Nancy thanks Sherri Pitman for informing her about Home Schooling, how to get started, and what the state laws were regarding it.
  • Saw her youngest son go from nonreader to reader: Nancy dreamed of this son loving reading and not being afraid his name would be called if there was reading to be done. She used the Romalda Spalding phonics plan in The Writing Road to Reading, then Christ Centered Curriculum, then The Phonics Game, then Teach your Child to Read in 200 Easy Lessons, then Reading Reflex, constantly searching for the key to making this dream come true. None of these programs made him successful as a reader. Eventually, an Arizona Republic article on dyslexia allowed her to see that her son might have dyslexia. When she searched for "dyslexia" on the internet, the Davis Dyslexia CorrectionÒ site came up.
  • Became a Davis Dyslexia CorrectionÒ Facilitator: Nancy went to a Fundamentals of Dyslexia workshop and met Ron Davis and heard his dream that all dyslexics would be able to read and know the full potential of their talents.
  • Nancy taught her son the tools from the Davis Dyslexia CorrectionÒ program, and a whole new world of confidence and reading opened to him. Another of her dreams had come true!
  • …AND she had found a new dream: to help other dyslexics learn to correct their dyslexia so they can see their dreams come true. She will always be grateful for and the Davis Association’s forethought in having a web site. She will always be grateful that Ron Davis unselfishly wanted to share his solution once he understood how dyslexia was hindering his reading. She will always be grateful to her husband and mother for making it possible for her to go through all the training and become a certified licensed Davis DyslexiaÒ Facilitator.

Nancy knows it often takes help to see your dreams come true.  Don't you have some dreams that may require reading---and can Nancy help you see those dreams come true?


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Nancy Kress, the Dyslexia Corrector


Gold Canyon, AZ USA