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Davis Dyslexia Correction® enables the multi-dimensional thinker to function in a linear/two dimensional paradigm. It consists of introduction of "tools" (modes of thinking) that allow the dyslexic to adjust from the talent that causes the dyslexia into the communication method used in the linear mindset. The tools taught are totally controlled by the dyslexic. It is not a "cure" for dyslexia, because we consider the root cause of the dyslexia to be a giftedness, or talent.

All Facilitators certified and licensed by Davis Dyslexia Association Internationalâ will have the same standards of training and the same basic program and room setup. The quality of the facilitating should be excellent no matter which certified facilitator you choose. The personality, character, and "fit" of an individual facilitator with a client might make a program more enjoyable or more effective with a particular facilitator, but you should expect to have the same quality of content which ever Licensed Davisâ Facilitator you choose.

The Basic Davis Dyslexia CorrectionÒ program is a 30-hour one-on-one facilitating process that will always include:

Perceptual Ability Assessment

This allows the facilitator to determine if the client has the Gift of Dyslexia and if Davis Dyslexia Correction® can have positive results for the client.

Davis Orientation Counseling®

This tool allows the dyslexic to "disengage" the genius of multi-dimensional thinking through a process Davis Dyslexia Correctionâ calls Orientation Counseling®. The dyslexic will then perceive as a linear thinker perceives.

Davis Symbol Mastery®

Symbol Mastery® is another tool that allows the dyslexic to minimize unwanted triggers that cause confusion or difficulty understanding what he or she is seeing. This process involves creating in clay any concept that has (or might have) a tendency to cause confusion.

The beauty of the above tools is that they are universal in potential application---they will improve reading and comprehension, can be applied to make it easier to understand scientific and mathematical concepts. The tools have aided multi-dimensional learners in assimilating thousands of ideas and concepts they had found confusing.

The above tools may also help with balance and coordination, increase self-confidence, and increase the tolerance for confusion.

Other tools may be introduced in the 30-hour program. These may aid in focusing on instructions, using reference materials, controlling attention problems, getting to sleep, reducing stress, controlling energy, eliminating bed wetting, and gaining more self-control. Eye tracking, reading each letter in the proper order, creating a mental picture and changing it as the written word changes the perceived information (in order to improve comprehension) etc., will also be practiced.

While the thirty hours is somewhat intense as new synapses are formed and new concepts mastered, a variety of activities and frequent breaks allow the program to be interesting, challenging, and satisfying. Frequent breaks are a considered part of the profitable day, as maintaining a comfort level and opportunity for growth are important for success.

The program includes supplies for the approximately 120 hours of independent work required for completion. The last day of the program 3 hours of training a family member or tutor as support person is included to help the client use Davisâ methods at school, work, play, and in confronting life perplexities.

Davis Dyslexia CorrectionÒ Basic Program also includes three follow-up appointments, if necessary.

Parents of minor children are required to attend the first morning of the program for initial interview/registration.

Official Description of the Davis Program

The Davis® Reading Program for Young Learners for children ages 5-8 and a support person can be facilitated by Dyslexia Corrector.  While it is not a complete Davis Dyslexia Correction Programâ, it equips the younger picture thinker to succeed in the school environment.  It consists of 2 or 3 hour sessions scheduled over three weeks (to total 30 hours) with the support person attending all sessions, and includes the Davis Young Learner kit.

Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia

Advanced difficulties with mathematic concepts and/or handwriting may be addressed in advanced programs, if necessary.

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