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If your dream depends on the ability to read accurately and efficiently and you are not currently able to do this, Dyslexia Corrector can give you the tools to move past this roadblock and on to achieving your goals. Our program is based on Davis Dyslexia Correction techniques, which can be applied to every aspect and application of reading. In 30 hours of time, you will learn to control your multi-dimensional picture-thinking in order to read two-dimensional words, which are symbols for those things you picture as you think. With Davis tools, it will become clear to you what those reading teachers have meant---but were unable to convey to you because you think differently than they do!

Since the Davis techniques have been in use, it is evident that many of the tools we teach Dyslexics are very effective at controlling Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD).  Davis methods give you the ability and allow you to decide when to control ADD and ADHD symptoms. 

Davis Dyslexia Correction is based on methods of controlling your perceptions, so a Davis Program cannot be guaranteed if the client is on perception-altering medications. While assessment may successfully occur while you are on perception-altering medications, it is advised that a doctor be enlisted to aid in getting off all perception-altering drugs before starting the program.  Most clients who use their Davis tools never go back on those drugs! 

If ADD/ADHD is causing you difficulty, and you are motivated for change, a Davis program with the goals of being able to focus, control your energy and attention, better communicate with others, and organize yourself, should get you on the path to seeing your dreams come true!

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